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Posted by Zac Duff on March 16, 2020
Zac Duff
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At JigSpace, our mission is to let anyone share their knowledge with spatial computing.

When someone asks “How does that work?” The answer should be immediately available in 3D.

We released our free version of Workshop last year, giving anyone the ability to make their own 3D presentations. We designed it to be simple, with no prior experience in 3D modelling required. We made it easy so anyone could use it, from primary school students to engineers.

This need to create and share spatial presentations isn’t limited to students asking, “how does a Jet Engine work?”.



Soon we had businesses using Jig Workshop to demonstrate manufactured products at trade-shows without having to transport them, training staff on complex 3D objects in an engaging, self-driven way and rapidly prototyping in augmented reality to save on time and costs. It wasn’t perfect, but there was a clear need for what we were trying to solve.

Within weeks, hundreds of businesses contacted us, requesting features such as better integration with their existing 3D files from proprietary software like SolidWorks or Fusion360. 


Workshop customer discovery session materials for geology-1

A customer discovery session with a Jig Workshop Pro user learning about materials used in their industry.


Others needed to present content when they were in low-internet connectivity areas like trade-shows or remote geography, complete with their company branding and colours. 

We also had to make sure their valuable CAD content was secured behind logins by default, rather than designed for sharing with the world, and easy to administer as such.

In short, businesses asked us, “how can we manage our 3D knowledge with JigSpace?”.

The answer is Jig Workshop Pro. We’re thrilled to announce that it is now available, on an invite-only basis, for early access.

FIND OUT MOREIt has taken some time to build out these features, but it’s the same simple, useful, delightful product that you’re used to, with extra tools to make it easy to manage your 3D knowledge content.

If you’re an individual, professional or team that needs to share knowledge in 3D, we made Jig Workshop Pro for you.


To apply for early access, or see what Pro features are now available, click here.


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