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Oh Snap! JigSpace partners with Snap to scan the world

Posted by Zac Duff on May 21, 2021
Zac Duff
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Our vision at JigSpace is to build a world where you can look at anything and ask, "How does that work? How do I fix that? What's that made of?" - and the answer is immediately available, in 3D, right there in front of you.

Today, we are one step closer to this reality with our exciting new Snap Lens partnership unveiled alongside the Snap Partner Summit.

JigSpace will be one of the first Lens partners utilizing Snap's powerful Scan technology to unlock relevant, step-by-step AR instructions and information from within Snapchat.

You can simply scan a kitchen sink in Snapchat and presto: information and instructions appear in 3D, right there in front of you!

Check it out:

JigSpace has always been about enabling anyone - inventors, creators, professionals - to easily create interactive, 3D presentations (Jigs) about anything, in minutes.

Snapchat Lenses extend where these Jigs can be viewed to a truly global scale.

Just like JigSpace, Snapchat Lenses transform the way you look at the world around you. Through the imagination of creators in the Lens Studio and technology enabled by JigSpace, hundreds of millions of Snapchatters will soon be able to easily build simple, useful, and delightful 3D experiences.

Today is just a taste of the what is to come, and marks a new level of convergence of the physical and digital worlds. We can't wait to share more about this journey over the coming months.

If you or your company would like to work or partner with us, I'd love to hear from you.

Happy Jigging!


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