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New: Add audio, video, and images to 3D presentations

Posted by Zac Duff on July 5, 2021
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NF HeaderWe talk a lot about 3D knowledge at JigSpace, so you could be forgiven for thinking we ignore the strengths and benefits of other media like images, 2D diagrams, video, or audio.

The truth is, all these types of media add richness to your 3D knowledge. How could we ignore the camera and microphone everyone has on their device? Or all the rich content you've already created for your products or other presentations?

The challenge is ensuring the user experience for creators meets our high standards. Whether you're recording, uploading, or accessing your files from somewhere like GDrive or Dropbox, it must be simple, useful, and delightful.

Bottom line? No hardcore asset management!

We listened to a range of Jig users in diverse roles from sales people to engineers, teachers to designers, and discovered there were so many ways these non-3D formats would enhance their Jigs.

Why add video into your 3D presentations?

  • Complimentary video content (i.e. video from the Mars surface, in Curiosity Rover Jig)
  • Screens on products (like the screen on a TV or an ultrasound machine)
  • Animated visual effects (shimmering water, fire, etc)
  • Short marketing or branding videos (i.e. JigSpace 5 second clip)

See more information using videos in Jig here.



What types of audio work in 3D presentations?

  • Spoken instructions for technical training
  • Audio descriptions of each step for visually impaired users
  • Professional narrated voice over for marketing demonstrations
  • Personalised 1:1 sales demonstrations that can be emailed
  • Sound effects of machines or with animations
  • Ambient background sounds or music to immersive viewers in a scene

See more information on recording audio or upload audio files here.


How to record audio into a Jig step


How to upload audio files into a Jig step


We've also made a slew of smaller updates and performance improvements in the latest version of our apps, including:

  • The ability to import FBX files as static 3D models
  • Support for adding images or videos directly from the camera roll
  • Ability for Pro users to switch between multiple team accounts within the JigSpace app

To get the latest version of JigSpace go to:

This is the start of the next phase of JigSpace: sharing all your knowledge in 3D, not just your CAD files.

Let us know what other media types you'd like to see in Jig, we're excited to see what you create!



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