Jig Workshop LiDAR and 5G innovations featured at Apple iPhone 12 Launch

Posted by Zac Duff on October 14, 2020

Today, Jig Workshop Pro was featured in the Apple keynote event.

We demonstrated a new method of real-time 3D collaboration in manufacturing using the new LiDAR scanner and 5G capabilities of the iPhone 12. 

Watch a clip from the demo here:


This is a transformational moment for AR. Not only do we show how manufacturing workspaces will evolve over the coming decades, we’re delivering those tools now. With the LiDAR scanner on the iPhone and iPad Pro, we can combine real-world environments with the complex 3D presentations our customers create and share every day in Jig Workshop Pro.


The data-transfer speeds provided by 5G enable rich, real-time collaboration between remote users, sharing the process of creating a Jig based in the real world. It also means all of a product’s associated Jigs - like assembly, repair, and maintenance instructions -  can be streamed in right when you need them.


Jig Workshop Pro is already helping manufacturers get back to business. We’re enabling virtual trade-show demos, remote post-sales support, and staff training on complex manufactured products without leaving home.


Our vision is that no new product should be launched without a Jig.


This will ensure every team, customer, and stakeholder has the most effective means to understand what your product is and how it works.


Based on our early customer success and today’s announcement by Apple, that vision is one step closer.  

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Accelerating ventilator knowledge to help address global demand

Posted by JigSpace on August 24, 2020

When Medtronic plc openly shared their Puritan Bennett™ 560 (PB560) ventilator plans back in April to help boost global ventilator production, the blueprints were downloaded more than 200,000 times across the globe.

The medical technology company was an early user of the Jig Workshop Pro commercial software, so assisting them create specific and high-quality 'Jigs' for 3D assembly and maintenance training guides was a great way we felt we could support the initiative.

These Jigs reduce the time it takes manufacturers to learn how to assemble, operate and maintain the ventilator specifications provided through the blueprints – an important consideration given the global ventilator demand and the complexity of the technology.


“What we saw with the public sharing of the ventilator design specifications was that for rapid ventilator manufacturing at scale, manufacturers needed a consistent 3D knowledge sharing solution. Our goal was to transfer knowledge as quickly as possible to help doctors and patients dealing with COVID-19” says CEO and co-founder of JigSpace, Zac Duff.

The 3D Jigs are viewed in augmented reality via an iPhone or iPad and allow manufacturing or healthcare partners to visually guide themselves through assembling specific components or operations in-situ with their relevant factory, lab or work environments.

“We understand the urgent need, across the globe, for ventilators as a life-saving device in the management of COVID-19 patients,” said Liz Carnabuci, vice president, Medtronic Australasia.


“No single company can meet the global ventilator demand alone. We are pleased to work with JigSpace to increase global ventilator manufacturing capabilities.”


About 7,000 manufacturers who downloaded Medtronic’s PB560 design plans are now using or going to use various AR training guides in Jig Workshop, with part of this success down to an easily accessible app, and not requiring additional hardware, unlike other expensive technologies. This has led to extensive usage in developing countries, as well as traditional manufacturing centres in OECD countries.

“We are seeing a maturation of how AR technology is applied due to COVID-19. Typical knowledge transfer processes have proved to be brittle in this new environment. JigSpace represents the future of how durable manufacturers collaborate, adapt and scale up complex supply chains," says Zac.

You can view the complete ventilator guides here https://workshop.jig.space/resources/medtronic-ventilator

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Remote augmented reality presentations are now available

Posted by Sam Granleese on April 22, 2020



So you have almost perfected your 3D presentation (we call them 'Jigs') and you need your international team's feedback?


Perhaps you are onboarding a new work-from-home team member with your latest 3D product training?


Whatever the case, in a world constrained by COVID-19, we have had to get used to a lot more working from home, hours on Zoom or WebEx calls, and creative ways to work together.


Fast-tracking remote AR presentations


At JigSpace, our team has always been composed of around 50% remote-based, with a small group in the office in Melbourne, and the rest of our team remote from Sydney, Australia and Osaka, Japan. We went fully remote mid-March.


Based on conversations internally and with our customers, we decided to quickly re-prioritise building our Remote Presentations feature - which enables users to host an Augmented Reality conference call. Think Zoom but for 3D learning, collaboration or presenting complex CAD-based content.


Remote Live Presentations include:

  • Host-controlled Jig 3D/AR presentation
  • Up to 20 participants, anywhere in the world
  • Live voice chat
  • AR or 3D-only viewing mode
  • Cool  laser pointers. color-coded per participant.

No Zoom or WebEx required.


This has been a great tool for us internally, as we develop content for partners and needing to show status updates to them or ask technical questions about part numbers of materials used.


How to host and join a remote AR presentation in Jig Workshop


First, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Jig Workshop on your iPhone or iPad. Click here to check or update.

Ideally prepare your participants to ensure they have done this too in advance of you starting the presentation.


To host a remote presentation, you need to be in 'AR Presentation' mode of the Jig you wish to share. From this screen, then press the People+ icon in the top right corner.


Remote AR a Jig Workshop Host starts a Wind-Turbine presentation


You will be prompted to Choose a presentation mode. Select Remote.


Participants are limited to a maximum of 20 people.


A Jig Workshop Host selects the Remote presentation mode


Jig Workshop will then prompt you to share a link to invite your intended participants. 


This can be done by copying the URL and sending in a separate app, or simply clicking your favourite messaging or email app from the iOS share screen.


A Jig Workshop Host shares a link to the Remote AR presentation


Once this is done, the host enters their newly created live remote presentation. They will be prompted to join with or without the microphone being active.


At JigSpace, we're a 'Mute on entry' remote workplace. 


Invited participants will see this same microphone prompt when they click on the link to join this live presentation.


A Jig Workshop Host chooses whether to join with or without their microphone on


Below is an example of a participant receiving a Jig invite by Apple iMessage.


A Jig Workshop invitee receives a link to join a Remote AR presentation in iMessage

As participants enter the presentation, the numbers will be updated on the top right corner.


Other useful features for the presentation include the non-AR viewing mode that the host or participants can choose based on their own preference. This is particularly useful where there is not a desirable environment to position and augment the 3D object against.


A Jig Workshop invitee participant has joined the AR presentation and selects to view in 3D only mode


The host and all participants each get a unique colored laser pointer (see mine in green below) to aid their voice-based conversations and contextualize their questions or talking points.


To use this, simply touch the part of the object or model you wish to highlight, and all other participants will see the same area on their model highlighted too.


A Jig Workshop remote presentation participant in 3D only mode uses a laser pointer to reference the host



Helping business and educators get back to work


Our mission of sharing humanity's knowledge in 3D has never been more critical for our core customers than during this time of social distancing and isolation.


We're harnessing the power of AR and bringing complex, spatial content into our customers home offices and enabling them to collaborate or learn remotely.


Since demonstrating this during testing to some pilot customers we've been blown away by the response.


This is why we've decided to make remote AR presentations available for all Jig Workshop users, over the next few months.


Of course, if you're a business or education provider that hasn't seen all the features of Jig Workshop Pro, you can do so by clicking here: Jig Workshop Pro - Request an invite


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Hino Trucks augmented reality product training

Posted by JigSpace on March 20, 2020

It is easy to fall into the trap of under-selling when you manufacture products that are big, complex and expensive.

Unlike food or clothing manufacturers, who can send out samples to customers or distributors at a very low cost, heavy industrial manufacturers traditionally had to bring customers to their sites or transport their products to trade shows at great expense.

With today's reality of travel bans and supply-chain interruptions, this physical barrier has never been more pronounced.

Hino Motors USA - a Toyota Group company - uses Jig Workshop Pro to demonstrate class-leading vehicle and engine features to customers, and to train its USA dealer network on the latest product updates.

Hino produces all Class 6-7 conventional Hino Trucks for the U.S. market at its Williamstown, West Virginia plant, with its largest model checking in at 33,000 GVW (15 metric tones).

When Hino Dealer Operations in Michigan needs to get its national sales network across new product features, they have an engaging sales training tool that can bring these large and complex vehicles into any meeting or showroom - all with the touch of an app.

JigSpace Jig Workshop Pro Hino Trucks A09 Diesel Engine in Augmented Reality

Across more than 200 North American dealerships, Hino uses AR to demonstrate key vehicle features, like the A09 series diesel engines. Showcasing the workings of a combustion engine is traditionally difficult, both from its position (being assembled inside a truck) and its complicated engineering containing hundreds of individual components.

A Jig augmented reality presentation makes light work of the 884kg (1948 lb) A09 diesel engine by allowing marketing, dealer sales and customers to view and interact with the engine in their office, on-site with a client or at a trade-show within seconds via their iPad or iPhone.
JigSpace Jig Workshop Pro Hino Trucks XL Safety Features in Augmented Reality
Hino Trucks marketing team have also found success with its franchised dealer network incorporating the AR presentations into their product and sales learning programs, thanks to the interactive and realistic spatial perspective they provide. Each dealer can learn in their own way, exploring visual, technical and marketing information in a self-directed format.

"The results were impressive and received a positive response from sales, training, executive management, our dealerships and customers. We would highly recommend working with JigSpace" says Dominik Beckman, Director, Marketing & Dealer Operations


By using JigSpace, Hino Trucks USA are able to effectively have all their products at every dealership, trade show, and sales pitch.

This is a big win for both Hino and the industry at large, enabling major cost reductions and sales opportunities.


Find out more about Jig Workshop Pro by clicking here 

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Why we created Jig Workshop Pro

Posted by Zac Duff on March 16, 2020

At JigSpace, our mission is to let anyone share their knowledge with spatial computing.

When someone asks “How does that work?” The answer should be immediately available in 3D.

We released our free version of Workshop last year, giving anyone the ability to make their own 3D presentations. We designed it to be simple, with no prior experience in 3D modelling required. We made it easy so anyone could use it, from primary school students to engineers.

This need to create and share spatial presentations isn’t limited to students asking, “how does a Jet Engine work?”.



Soon we had businesses using Jig Workshop to demonstrate manufactured products at trade-shows without having to transport them, training staff on complex 3D objects in an engaging, self-driven way and rapidly prototyping in augmented reality to save on time and costs. It wasn’t perfect, but there was a clear need for what we were trying to solve.

Within weeks, hundreds of businesses contacted us, requesting features such as better integration with their existing 3D files from proprietary software like SolidWorks or Fusion360. 


Workshop customer discovery session materials for geology-1

A customer discovery session with a Jig Workshop Pro user learning about materials used in their industry.


Others needed to present content when they were in low-internet connectivity areas like trade-shows or remote geography, complete with their company branding and colours. 

We also had to make sure their valuable CAD content was secured behind logins by default, rather than designed for sharing with the world, and easy to administer as such.

In short, businesses asked us, “how can we manage our 3D knowledge with JigSpace?”.

The answer is Jig Workshop Pro. We’re thrilled to announce that it is now available, on an invite-only basis, for early access.

FIND OUT MOREIt has taken some time to build out these features, but it’s the same simple, useful, delightful product that you’re used to, with extra tools to make it easy to manage your 3D knowledge content.

If you’re an individual, professional or team that needs to share knowledge in 3D, we made Jig Workshop Pro for you.


To apply for early access, or see what Pro features are now available, click here.


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Simple and effective training using augmented reality

Posted by JigSpace on March 11, 2020

How do you train remote communities to operate the latest drone technology, who have never seen an aeroplane up close or flown in one?

A piece of 3D software was the last thing Eric Peck, CEO of airborne logistics company Swoop Aero, thought he needed. But his mind quickly changed after seeing his CAD files get transformed into realistic and immersive presentations. Most importantly though was the ease and effectiveness in scaling this new way of learning out to hundreds of users on the ground.

For some of the most remote communities on Earth, getting access to life-saving vaccines is an ongoing challenge. In Vanuatu, an archipelago of 83 volcanic islands in the South Pacific, many children miss immunisations as their homes are so hard to reach. But with the help of drone technology and Jig Workshop Pro augmented reality (AR) app, that’s beginning to change.

In 2018, Swoop Aero, in conjunction with UNICEF and the Vanuatu Ministry of Health, launched the first medical drone delivery service in Vanuatu. Its first recipients were 13 children and five pregnant women on the remote island of Erromango. And to prepare them for this momentous landing, Swoop enlisted the help of JigSpace.


“As soon as Eric saw JigSpace, he asked us to help them solve a problem – how to educate and train people to use their drone technology,” says Zac Duff, co-founder and CEO of JigSpace.



The Kookaburra drone, as displayed in the Jig Workshop Pro app.

And that’s how Swoop Aero started their collaboration with JigSpace, converting their drone model from a standard STEP CAD file into a Jig. This Jig (3D model presentation) was to become a core part of the training for inhabitants of Vanuatu, including healthcare staff in the region. The Jig could accurately convey the size of the drone, how it would land and how to offload the cargo – right on the ground in front of them.

Peck says that this training method not only helped everyone involved feel more at ease with the drone, but also sped up the entire vaccine delivery process. 

“It’s allowed us to deliver the most cost-effective heath outcomes we can, and rapidly expand the number of recipients that we were able to train,” he says.


In 2019 Swoop Aero commenced delivery of medical supplies to other locations in Malawi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. And in 2020 they will join forces with UK Aid to transfer TB samples via drones in Mozambique.

“Excitingly for JigSpace, the AR app is at the centre of all the training packages that we’re rolling out, everywhere we operate,” says Peck.


Swoop Aero Vanuatu Drone Product Training


The AR training content is easily managed and kept up to date too. When engineering modifications are made to new Swoop Aero drone models, the CAD-based engineering content is easily updated from SolidWorks 2019 via the STEP format to Jig Workshop Pro which can be edited and formatted by operations or marketing staff.

The Jigs are instantly updated to healthcare workers in the regions who need to be aware of any changes to the drone instructions. Swoop Aero staff can also monitor the presentation of the Jigs to ensure they are being rolled out to the target communities by each local partner.


Swoop Aero Vanuatu Public Consultation


Another key Jig Workshop Pro feature for Swoop Aero was the offline mode, which enables healthcare staff to view or present the Jig content without an internet connection or with low-internet speeds which frequently occur in remote communities.

To find out more about Jig Workshop Pro, and how it can elevate your learning and development or product training, click here.


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Meet the founders of JigSpace: Zac Duff and Numa Bertron

Posted by JigSpace on February 10, 2020

JigSpace is spatial presentations made easy and one of the world's top augmented reality apps - a platform to explore, create and share truly interactive, 3D knowledge for anything, whether you are a teacher, salesperson, designer or engineer.

The seeds of JigSpace were planted in 2014, when co-founders Zac and Numa met while teaching game development at a college in Australia.

As restless soon-to-be entrepreneurs they began prototyping a live teaching platform for virtual reality (VR), to give remote students the opportunity to learn alongside their classmates.

Initial results were extremely positive, but one thing stuck out:

"If we can learn in a 3D environment where anything is possible, why are we still using 2D resources?"


There was no simple way to easily create 3D knowledge.

The following week Zac took time off to prototype what he described as a “tool to make 3D instructions for anything” and JigSpace was born.




Zac Duff is the CEO and a co-founder of JigSpace, the platform for creating and sharing interactive, 3D instructions for anything. Zac hails from Tasmania, and spent a decade making award-winning video games across a range of platforms. As an artist, designer, and sometime engineer (when allowed), Zac has a wide range of expertise and takes a holistic approach to development.

Zac’s interests lie at the intersection of technology, learning, and art, and how we can use the latest advances in augmented reality or virtual reality to take our understanding of the world, and each other, to a whole new level.


Numa Bertron is the CTO and co-founder of JigSpace. With a background in both art and programming, he has spent the past 10 years turning code into beautiful visuals. From scientific visualisations to video games and educational apps, Numa loves providing elegant solutions to tough problems. He is a firm believer in releasing code often and iterating fast, prioritising putting new features in the hands of users. 

When he’s not working on JigSpace's augmented reality apps, Numa spends most of his time surfing and building awesome machines.

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