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Is sharing knowledge and collaboration easier in 3D?

Posted by Laura Hales on September 16, 2021


We certainly think so. Photographs, line drawings and schematics are certainly useful, but they only give a 2 dimensional understanding of how something really works.



3D models move and interact in a simulation of their real-world counterparts and give people a fuller understanding; providing visual context to how different parts of a model move and interact with one another.

Traditional 2D formats like product pamphlets and instruction manuals, even in a digital format, lack this interactivity and perspective into a component's real-world application. 3D models allow users to effortlessly pull components apart from each other to get a better understanding of how they work on an individual level.


Car Engine-Selected With Fade

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NEW: Better viewing and sharing experiences.

Posted by Zac Duff on September 8, 2021

3D Instructions for creating a Lego X-Wing

JigSpace release 3.4.0 is all about making more delightful, interactive viewing experiences. Some of your most requested updates are finally here that truly add to the magic of sharing knowledge in 3D. 

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New: Add audio, video, and images to 3D presentations

Posted by Zac Duff on July 5, 2021


NF HeaderWe talk a lot about 3D knowledge at JigSpace, so you could be forgiven for thinking we ignore the strengths and benefits of other media like images, 2D diagrams, video, or audio.

The truth is, all these types of media add richness to your 3D knowledge. How could we ignore the camera and microphone everyone has on their device? Or all the rich content you've already created for your products or other presentations?

The challenge is ensuring the user experience for creators meets our high standards. Whether you're recording, uploading, or accessing your files from somewhere like GDrive or Dropbox, it must be simple, useful, and delightful.

Bottom line? No hardcore asset management!

We listened to a range of Jig users in diverse roles from sales people to engineers, teachers to designers, and discovered there were so many ways these non-3D formats would enhance their Jigs.

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Announcing our AUD$6 million Series A funding

Posted by Zac Duff on June 30, 2021

Landscape_JigSpace Founders_Numa Bertron (L) Zac Duff (R) 1280x720

At the heart of Jig there is a simple truth - we learn better in 3D, because that's how we experience the world. Our focus is on enabling people to share their knowledge in 3D, with simple, useful, and delightful tools.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that JigSpace has raised AUD$6 million (USD$4.7 million) in a series A funding round. With over 4 million users and a 4.8 star rating worldwide, JigSpace gives individuals, professionals, and teams the tools to create interactive, 3D presentations in minutes.

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Oh Snap! JigSpace partners with Snap to scan the world

Posted by Zac Duff on May 21, 2021

Our vision at JigSpace is to build a world where you can look at anything and ask, "How does that work? How do I fix that? What's that made of?" - and the answer is immediately available, in 3D, right there in front of you.

Today, we are one step closer to this reality with our exciting new Snap Lens partnership unveiled alongside the Snap Partner Summit.

JigSpace will be one of the first Lens partners utilizing Snap's powerful Scan technology to unlock relevant, step-by-step AR instructions and information from within Snapchat.

You can simply scan a kitchen sink in Snapchat and presto: information and instructions appear in 3D, right there in front of you!

Check it out:

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Major Update: Explore, create, share in one JigSpace app 🚀

Posted by Zac Duff on March 10, 2021

Hi there! We’ve got some very exciting news…

JigSpace and Jig Workshop are now ONE



As you may know, JigSpace was our very first app to hit the market. This app contained a library of awesome AR presentations to help you learn in 3D - we call them Jigs.

Then, in 2019, we launched Jig Workshop, allowing you to create and share your very own Jigs.

Now… from Wednesday 10th March, these two apps will be merged into a single JigSpace app. This will allow you to explore and learn from our extensive Jig library, and create and share your own 3D presentations, all from the same app! 

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LiDAR and SolidWorks - more ways to bring content into your Jigs

Posted by Zac Duff on December 15, 2020

LiDAR is a method for measuring distances by illuminating the environment with laser light and capturing the reflection with a sensor. This innovative technology helps understand our real 3D world in several ways, and is available on the new iPhone 12 range or iPad Pro 2020.


Our latest update of Jig Workshop (now part of JigSpace) takes advantage of this technology in three powerful ways.


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JigSpace LiDAR and 5G innovations featured at Apple iPhone 12 Launch

Posted by Zac Duff on October 14, 2020

Today, Jig Pro was featured in the Apple keynote event.→

We demonstrated a new method of real-time 3D collaboration in manufacturing using the new LiDAR scanner and 5G capabilities of the iPhone 12. 

Watch a clip from the demo here:


This is a transformational moment for AR. Not only do we show how manufacturing workspaces will evolve over the coming decades, we’re delivering those tools now. With the LiDAR scanner on the iPhone and iPad Pro, we can combine real-world environments with the complex 3D presentations our customers create and share every day in Jig Pro.

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Accelerating ventilator knowledge to help address global demand

Posted by JigSpace on August 24, 2020

When Medtronic plc openly shared their Puritan Bennett™ 560 (PB560) ventilator plans back in April to help boost global ventilator production, the blueprints were downloaded more than 200,000 times across the globe.

The medical technology company was an early user of the Jig Pro commercial software, so assisting them create specific and high-quality 'Jigs' for 3D assembly and maintenance training guides was a great way we felt we could support the initiative.

These Jigs reduce the time it takes manufacturers to learn how to assemble, operate and maintain the ventilator specifications provided through the blueprints – an important consideration given the global ventilator demand and the complexity of the technology.


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Remote augmented reality presentations are now available

Posted by Sam Granleese on April 22, 2020

So you have almost perfected your 3D presentation (we call them 'Jigs') and you need your international team's feedback?

Perhaps you are onboarding a new work-from-home team member with your latest 3D product training?

Whatever the case, in a world constrained by COVID-19, we have had to get used to a lot more working from home, hours on Zoom or WebEx calls, and creative ways to work together.


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